My name is Phoenix. I scribble down my thoughts and therapeutic inspirations in a variety of sketches (non-fiction, realistic fiction, poems, songs) to encourage others to find value in their lives. I also write for the most criticizing audience: myself.

Still, I write.

Welcome to my journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse and negative self-talk. I write in hopes that we all can grow closer to each other and to God in our journey together and that we all can see our beauty rise from the ashes.  I look forward to traveling through our words to each other and pray God speaks to you as you read.

We will rise.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m grateful for people like you. There is a lot of anti-God sediment out there in the SA community. Or so it seems to me. And who could blame them? It’s just very refreshing to hear of someone relying on Jesus as the author and perfecter of their recovery as well as their faith.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Phoenix. I haven’t read all of the stories in your blog yet, but I will mark your page and come back to read again. I’m hoping one day soon I will share my story too. Hugzzz to you!

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